Doug, Marie, Cara, Eileen, Jim

How we got started and how we keep going

How We Got Started:


Our retail greenhouse was founded in 1996. We sell annual plants, vegetable plants, perennials, and shrubs, as well as a large assortment of potted containers and water plants for ponds and water features. We try to offer the old favorites as well as what is considered to be new and unusual.

Our beginning was small; a single greenhouse assembled from used greenhouse loops and equipment. Today we have grown to our present size of three retail selling houses and seven growing houses.

The joint venture between Doug, Marie, Jim and Eileen came about after they had spent some years sharing farming equipment and labor. While they did not have much actual green house experience; they did have individual areas of expertise that were needed to make Babe's Blossoms work.  Marie was the head grower with the talent for making the plants and containers look beautiful. Doug was the maintenance, construction, and repair department. Jim, with a degree in agronomy was the science department, along with doing construction and repair. Eileen did the marketing and was responsible for telling the public about our beautiful plants.

For several years, they did both farming and "greenhousing."  However, the main greenhouse season is also the main planting season for farming.  As the greenhouse grew, the time for farming shrunk.  Eventually, they made the decision to concentrate on the greenhouse and discontinue farming.

In 2017, after 21 years in the greenhouse business, they decided it was time to retire and officially sold the business to Cara Hanson (who was an employee of Babe's Blossoms during the 2017 season) on September 26th 2017.

Cara grew up about 30 minutes from Babe's Blossoms on a farm outside of Fairfax, MN.  She took an interest in gardening at a young age, giving credit to her parents and grandparents for sharing their love of gardening with her. She was involved with her local 4H club, winning blue ribbons at the county and state fair levels with her gardening projects as a teenager. From there, she decided to continue her education after high school by attending South Dakota State University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. After college, Cara worked in Mankato, MN as a Landscape Designer, specializing in plant design and garden maintenance. Cara joined the team at Babe's Blossoms in March 2017.  When the owners announced their decision to retire and sell the business, she decided that it was a perfect fit for her.  

The story of our greenhouse is also in video form.  Click on this link to learn more about us.

How We Keep Going

Our Employees. Namely:

Mary, Jo, Louise, Pam, Sherry, Michele

We have the best employees in the world!  They're willing to work long hours in the spring doing any job, whether it's working on their hands and knees trimming or moving plants or being hoisted up on the roof to repair a tear in the plastic.  And sometimes they even bring food to share!