Fruits, Herbs and Vegetables

Nothing beats the taste of fresh, home-grown, straight-from-the-garden vegetables!  The very best tomatoes are those picked a few minutes before you slice them and put them on the plate or in the salad.  With homegrown, you might even learn to like broccoli!  For our vegetables, we choose varieties that produce consistently good quality and yields.  Vegetables have maturity ratings stated in number of days; this number is based on the time from when you transplant the baby plant into your garden until harvest.  Please remember that maturity ratings are not exact but are a general guide to follow.  When looking at tomatoes, there  are a series of letters appearing after the name.  These letters stand for resistance to certain diseases; the more letters, the greater the disease resistance.  If you are new to vegetable gardening, feel free to ask us for suggestions or tips. 

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