Photo courtesy Walters Gardens, Inc.

Hosta 'Rainbow's End'

  • Incredible variegated host is very distinctive in a medium size
  • Shiny, bright yellow leaves with dark green margins that jet into the center
  • Centers brighten to creamy white in summer
  • Showy red scapes hold dark lavender blooms in late summer
  • Nice cut flower, attracts hummingbirds

Growing and Maintenance Tips:


Morning sun is tolerable and will help to intensify the leaf colors, but hot afternoon sun is usually deadly to hostas. They are most at home in shady, woodland settings and often work well as specimen or edging plants. Hostas are very easy to propagate through division. This can be done at any time during the growing season with little or no affect on the growth of the parent plant.  Mulch is beneficial because it retains moisture around the plant's roots, but it is also the ideal place for slugs to hide. Watch for holes in the center of the leaves. If they are present, so are slugs. Applying a slug bait in early spring when new shoots are beginning to emerge will help to reduce the slug population.   Also be sure to clean all hosta foliage out of the garden in early winter after the plants have gone dormant. By doing so, you will be ridding the area of the eggs of slugs and other leaf-eating insects.


12-18 In


12-18 In

Hardiness Zone:

Zone 3-9


Characteristics & Attributes for Hosta 'Rainbow's End'

Great Foliage
Border or Bed
Low Maintenance
Focal Point
Cut Flower/Foliage
Foliage Color
Soil Moisture
Average Water
Season of Interest (Foliage)
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Attracts Wildlife
Attracts Hummingbirds
Partial Sun
Full Shade