Tomato 'Viva Italia VFFNASt'


  • 80 days
  • A much improved version of Roma!
  • Larger fruit, higher yield, more disease resistance
  • Perfect for making paste and thicker sauce

Tomato Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Tomato diseases usually result from bacteria in the soil splashing up on the plant when it's watered.  The easiest way to prevent diseases (and weeds) is to use landscape fabric.  Lay out a strip of fabric the length of your row and fasten down the edges.  Cut "X" slits where you want each plant to go.  Dig out the soil deep enough to bury the tomato plant at least half-way up the stem (remove bottom branches) because all those fine hairs on the stem will make roots.  Spread/break apart the roots, place in hole, cover with soil and gently pat to firm it in place.  It's easiest to immediately place your tomato cage for suport around each plant now while it's still small.  The best way to water is to place a soaker hose all along the row--thread it through your cages--so that it's in place when you need it later.  Tomatoes like consistent water throughout the season.  If we have a dry spell in summer, try to remember to water before the tomatoes are parched.  


- Inches


- Inches